Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wet pigs

I've just finished clearing up after the daunting task of giving the guinea pigs a bath. They do not consider this a fun way of spending a Sunday evening. In fact, they usually protest loudly and either cower pitifully in the bath and shudder (Cupcake), try to run away up the sloping end of the bath, giving the illusion of running on a treadmill (Pumpkin) or demonstrate just how high a pig can jump when desperate (Brownie).
But on this occasion they were very good and I'm only lightly scratched. We have to shampoo them periodically to ward off fungal skin infections, which Cupcake and Pumpkin had earlier this year. Otherwise I wouldn't bother - we never washed our previous guinea pigs and they kept themselves perfectly clean, cat-fashion.

They do look nice and fluffy once they've been towelled off and blowdried (on a VERY gentle setting, with the dryer held at a distance!) And Cupcake always looks beautifully white when she's dry, like a washing-powder advert.

I think they've forgiven us. Maybe.

This is my last entry for NaBloPoMo. I did it! I posted every day for 30 days. It may all have been piffle, but it's nice to know I can do it.

I'm going to have some time off work this week - will we see if I can keep this posting up? I suspect I won't, but I think I've proved I do have time to post more often than I did before this month.


--V said...

I hear ya. I've been trying to decide if I want to keep doing this daily or back off a little. It didn't feel like as much of a chore to post daily as I thought it would.

The idea of being quiet for a little while is appealing, though. Starting to get sick of the sound of my own voice.

CharmCityChica said...

Wow, your guinea pigs are so freaking cute! If I knew my dog wouldn't use them as a chew toy I would most certainly have one or two.

Do you let yours out to run around the house? Or keep them in cages?

Rosemary Grace said...

Well done!

I feel like such a meanie when we have to bath one of our cats (usually happens after an "accident" on the way to or from the vet), but they seem to forgive us by the time the drying and snuggling is done.

scoliyogi said...


Charlie Hills said...

I can barely post my self-imposed five days a week. I *love* taking the weekends off. Can't imagine what thirty posts in a row would be like.

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute little guinea pigs -- even all wet. Now, we're three days later -- you're taking a well-deserved break LOL!+

Loth said...

Well done on your 30 posts. I liked the fact that the post with photos of wet piggies followed immediately on from the one where J bought swimming trunks. I half expected to read there had been a family outing to go swimming!

ariandalen said...

Yay! Congratulations on completing NaBloPoMo! :)

Obviously, I didn't keep up with your blog as well as you did mine. I've only written comments on other blogs in the past four days, so you could say I'm taking a break, too. ;)

Tanya Brown said...
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Warty Mammal said...

Hi K -

Got your note! I previously tried to leave you a note, but I guess it didn't take. I've "moved blogs" and am now posting under a new ID, one not associated with my name. The new "place" is rather bare because I haven't "decorated" yet, but you're quite welcome to come visit if you'd like.

If you could let your mom know, I'd appreciate it. I dropped her a note as well, but if you didn't receive yours, she may not have received hers either.

K said...

V- well, evidently I did take a break for a while. I'll be over to see how you're doing, though!

CCC - they live in a big open tray with a small shelter in the middle. It has room for them to run around, but it wouldn't be safe if we had bigger animals. I've heard of dogs and guinea pigs getting on, but I think the dog has to be a calm type!

Loth - :) He did go swimming, but on his own!

WM - thanks for letting me know - wouldn't want to lose you!