Saturday, November 22, 2008

We have a working camera

And we like it a lot. We've just spent the past hour taking pictures of our little housemates.

Whether they are overjoyed to be co-opted as photographic models is a bit uncertain, but we're quite pleased with the results, given that we haven't yet memorised all of the manual, and were taking these photos after dark, in rather dim conditions.

We're particularly impressed with the macro setting, which is excellent for showing the details of fur and whiskers.
Guinea pigs are somewhat ludicrous animals. It's hard to imagine how they could have evolved, given that their main purpose seems to be to squeak loudly and bumble around. But we love our three very much.
We spent most of the daylight hours today in town, buying clothes - cords for me, jeans for both of us and - finally! - new tracksuit trousers to replace my aged and ragged ones. It took a while to find any which were warm, decent and black, but BhS finally provided some for only £12, which seems pretty cheap.

I'm not so thrilled about the jeans, since they serve to prove that irritating quotation about it being difficult to have both a finely honed mind and a finely honed body. Postgraduate study is bad for both one's physical fitness and the fit of one's jeans. (These ones are the same size as my old ones according to the label, but in a more forgiving cut.)

I've always found buying jeans frustrating, but it's even more annoying when I know that if I'd kept up my maintenance efforts successfully, I wouldn't need to be doing this. But there's no point in dwelling on it. I don't have much time at the moment, and weight loss is not top priority, and there's no way it can be. When I finish this degree, I will get back to it. In the meantime, well, I need to wear something.

The piggies don't worry about their weight. If you're a guinea pig, you're supposed to be rounded.


Tanya Brown said...

Awwww. Names and genders of the pigs?

--V said...

So cute.

My mom used to have one for a while named Porky. Dad used to share his breakfast banana with Porky -- half for the cereal, half for the pig. Got so that every time she heard cereal hit a bowl she'd go "Fweep! Fweep! Fweep!" expecting banana.

K said...

Tanya - they're all girls (three is as many as we can cope with!) From the top: Cupcake, Pumpkin and Brownie. Guinea pigs do not seem to suit dignified names.

We discovered that Cupcake likes banana when she suddenly lunged and grabbed a big bite out of one that J was eating. They do tend to break out into squeaks every time the fridge opens or we turn the water on in the kitchen - either of these might mean we're getting them some tasty vegetables...

Thimbleanna said...

Yay! You have a camera -- pictures again. The guinea pigs sure look cute -- AND happy to be photograped!

(And Ha! The word verification that I'm supposed to type is "ratisms".)

Isabelle said...

Sorry, that was me, revealing J's name by mistake. Thought I'd better not, in case... not really sure what.

The comment otherwise was:

Very cute. Especially the one of J doting.

Gampe is my word. (Pronounced Gamp or Gampy, I wonder?)

Rosemary said...

What great photos, in low light too! Cute piglets. I call our girl cat piglet, your guys are even rounder than she is.

Graduate school has also aided me in gaining 20-30lb. Urgh.

Loth said...

Gorgeous piggies. Are they quite big for guinea pigs or do I just have a skewed idea of how big guinea pigs get?

K said...

Mum - J's name is so common that I wouldn't worry about it. Might be best not to reveal the surname, though.

RG - this too will pass...

Loth - They're middling-sized (between eight and ten inches long) but they do look quite big in these photos. They looked big in photos of themselves as babies, too. I have little hands, which may be misleading.

Pumpkin (the orange one) is quite small and skinny for a guinea pig, but the camera angle makes her look as though she's cushion-sized, somehow.

scoliyogi said...

Guinea pigs are so odd and cute!! I used to have two at uni called Liam and Noel (it was the early 90s, Oasis were huge), but unfortunately they were staying at my mum's and the escaped and the dogs got them :'(

K said...

Scoli - oh no! Our childhood guinea pigs were killed by badgers, and that was also very sad. These stories can never be told in J's hearing, though, or he will possibly not leave our pigs unattended ever again... he's already paranoid about them escaping.