Friday, November 14, 2008

Day off

Well, what world-shakingly exciting things did I do on my day off?

None. I stayed in and did some work, spent a bit of time on Ravelry* (mostly discussing the colour of Miles Vorkosigan's socks**, thus achieving two kinds of geekdom at once) and played with the guinea pigs. Oh, and did some laundry.

When J came back from work, we went round to have a look at a house which a local community group is trying to buy to turn into an activity centre. They put an article in the local free paper a few months ago, asking for people to write in with ideas about what the building could be used for. J wrote in and suggested a community radio station. There are three such stations already in Edinburgh.

Last week he got a call out of the blue asking him to come round to the community group and talk about the possibility of setting one up. So he did. He used to be involved with local radio as a presenter when he was a teenager, and did student radio when we were at university, though he doesn't have direct experience of setting up a station.

Today there was an open day at the building, and people could vote on ideas. There are quite a few rooms, and if the group manage to buy the house, several ideas may be chosen, including a computer room, which J would also be well placed to help with. I think it'll be great if the project gets off the ground; the house is yet to be valued, though, so everything probably depends on that.

J is quite enthusiastic about the possibility of the radio station becoming reality. Being realistic, he can't be in sole charge of the project because his health isn't good enough, but other people are interested too. We'll just have to see what happens.

* Online community for knitters.
** Protagonist of a series of SF novels.


Rosemary Grace said...

I'd imagine they're gray and made of something high tech and microfibery when he's being Miles Naismith, and either colorful folk/fair isle or plain old black (but of the finest stuffs) when he's being Lord Miles.

The radio station and computer community room both sound like great ideas, I hope it works out that J gets to participate.

Tanya Brown said...

What color did you decide the socks were? (I, too, have partaken of Bujold's books.)

Sounds like a satisfactory day. May there be many more!

P.S. My word verification string is "sesses". If that isn't a word, it should be.

K said...

Well. It was my fault for starting the whole thing, by wondering whether Barrayaran officers always wear regulation socks (dark green, I'd guess) under their high cavalry boots, since nobody could see them.

I thought that perhaps Miles might wear grey and white socks WITH his Barrayaran uniform - who'd know, if you can't see them? - but on second thoughts, I think he'd consider that too much of a security risk.

Someone else suggested his Dendarii socks might be "electric purple", and we managed to convince the board for a short while that we'd actually found a reference to back this up. Sadly, there seems to be no actual textual reference to the socks' colour.

I think Rosie has the right idea, though. We were all in agreement that Mark's socks will be black of the deepest possible blackness - the sort where the dye leaks on to other people's white shirts in the wash, probably.

I am expecting Isabelle to comment to tell me I have too much spare time, now.

My word is "belrunme", which sounds like a good name for a fantasy heroine. Probably one with a pet dragon.

Isabelle said...

Do you know, I didn't understand any of these comments. Barrayaran?
Miles Naismith?

I protest! I'm happy for you to have time off. In fact, I don't think you have nearly enough of it at the moment.

I often really like these verification words. Sesses - I think they must be a bit of chain mail. My word is fiessit. The word you use (hissing it) to chase away neighbour cats who're about to poo in one's garden.

K said...

Mum - Miles Vorkosigan is the protagonist of some science fiction books by Lois McMaster Bujold. The planet he comes from is called Barrayar, and he's the son of the prime minister. He works in military intelligence and his secret identity's name is Admiral Naismith (he commands the Dendarii mercenaries and wears a grey and white uniform). So now you know!

Rosemary Grace said...

Matt's feet do not like black socks, the dye seems to disagree with his skin. He was constantly getting in trouble when he was in the Navy for wearing non regulation white athletic socks. They'd even make him roll up his pants to check what was under his work boots.

The Yarn Harlot's "Earl Grey" socks seem like something he'd wear in his later role as Imperial Auditor.

Loth said...

Sci-fi socks? Well, you live and learn!