Friday, November 28, 2008

Unbounded domesticity

I've spent the last couple of hours making two banana loaf cakes and an apple pie, with J's help. ("It's the opposite of making meals," he said. "You're in charge and I'm the sous-chef.") All this is in aid of our parents; mine are coming to Sunday lunch (with my sister and Granny) and his are coming for the weekend. Not this coming one, but the next one. The freezer is a great invention.

The banana cake is the recipe from good old How To Be A Domestic Goddess. I hated the title when it first came out - I don't feel I was born to domestic goddesshood, or even priestesshood - but I've made more stuff from it than any other cookbook we own. I find the recipes easy to follow and not nearly as prescriptive as some; there's a certain willingness to accept that you might not have the exact ingredients to hand, or that you might want to experiment. In any case, the banana cake seems to be foolproof. We've made it many times with and without sultanas, and with slightly more or less banana than the recipe suggests, and we've always ended up with a tasty cake.

I've started to think about Christmas - December isn't far away now. Advent is one of my favourite times of year, and we've already got our Advent calendar ready. And as you can see, I've churned out a couple more little woollen heart ornaments in odd moments. I like having a finished object after less than an hour's knitting!

Tomorrow we are going to meet a friend for brunch (his term; I don't really move in brunching circles) and maybe go swimming. I haven't been swimming for ages. This may depend on whether I can find my swimsuit.


Isabelle said...

Oh, I'd forgotten that we were coming to you for lunch. How nice.

Cute little hearts!

scoliyogi said...

The unstuffed hearts look like a mini bikini top - for a guinea pig perhaps?! :)

Loth said...

I thought that was a bikini top too at first and I was slighly impressed/bemused by your bravery!

K said...

Oh, goodness, no! While there are patterns out there for knitted or crocheted bikinis, I will not be knitting one. I haven't had a bikini since my age was in single figures... and it definitely wouldn't be a good idea now.

I don't think the guinea pigs would take kindly to being dressed up, either. They'd probably try to eat any knitting put within their reach.

--V said...

Those are really cute. I might have to make some of 'em myself.

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