Friday, November 21, 2008

Nearly the weekend

Had a somewhat more restful day today, as I was attending a conference at work. Which required mostly sitting still, taking notes, and waiting for opportunities to ask questions relating to data protection issues. It didn't involve any phone calls, answering difficult questions, or thinking about databases. See? Restful.

I did get a surprise at the first coffee break, when I heard a voice greeting me, and turned around to find Rory of Speedysnail standing there.

In the early days of my blogreading, I was semi-convinced I would encounter other bloggers just in the course of events. Edinburgh is the sort of place where you bump in to people, and for a while I would look around (subtly) every time I heard an Australian accent on the bus, in case it was Shauna. And so on. But I never did meet anyone, although I worked in the same complex of buildings as Rory for a while, so it wouldn't have been very surprising if we had encountered each other.

Eventually I did meet up with a few people, by appointment. Rosemary Grace and Shauna and I got together a while back, YP and I had a drink after she had run a marathon, and Isabelle* and I met up with Loth for coffee. And, of course, Anna just a few weeks back. But I never did meet anyone just by chance. After a while I started thinking that while it's a small world, it's not THAT small**.

Now it's happened - sort of - twice in a few weeks. It doesn't make much of a story, but I spotted Ysolda at the Neil Gaiman reading last month. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so I was too shy to say hello, which I've been regretting since.

Anyway, if you're reading this, Rory, it was very nice to meet you!

*I encounter Isabelle all the time, but then she is my mother.
**Except where Rosemary Grace is concerned.


Jeni said...

Hi K. Just wanted to stop by and say hi - I'm really enjoying your everyday posting. And I must say if I was ever anywhere near your side of the world I would love to meet you. I met Alea when she was in Denver about a year ago and it was wonderful. Anyway, I hope you are well. I'm back blogging now. :)

Rosemary Grace said...

Indeed, we are a great example of the internet shrinking the world!

Thimbleanna said...

I cracked up when you included Isabelle in your blog meets list!

I was much like you when I started blogging. When I would meet someone new, I would wait awhile and then ask if perhaps they had a blog. In my book group and one of my sewing groups, they don't know that I blog, and I'd often find myself wondering -- if I'm secretly blogging, maybe someone else in the group is too. So I'd play games with myself trying to figure out who might be. These days though, I just think I'm the only one in those groups.

I do love blog meets though. They're so fascinating and FUN!

Isabelle said...

I wish you did meet Isabelle all the time! Once a week isn't enough, alas.

Still, I'm enjoying your Nablopothingiewhatever postings.

K said...

Well, I meet you more often than any other bloggers, Mum.

I often wonder if other people are secretly blogging, too. Particularly when I'm doing something like the conference yesterday - a lot of people had laptops out, and they were being encouraged to tag the conference, which was being videoed. I bet someone in the room was at least Twittering.

I don't have a laptop, so I wasn't even tagging.

Rory said...

And nice to meet you, K! Of course, it's taken me a whole week to find time to check your blog to say hello again. Wow, you're really on a roll with this whole daily posting thing! Great to see.