Monday, November 17, 2008


Of course it is the camera, not the SD card, which is a Fuji Finepix S5800. Oops. This is the inevitable result of dashing off entries in ten minutes or so. Still, better to have posted with mistakes than never to have posted at all, or words to that effect. Thank you all for not posting comments saying we should have got a Nikon or a Pentax or something.

Today has been a day... not terribly packed with incident. It rained. J went off to work. I did some work and played with the pigs and later made a cake. Then J came home and we had tea and watched QI. (By the way, I got a message a few days ago saying that Stephen Fry is following my Twitter updates. I wonder if he does his own Twitter-maintaining, or if he has an underling who automatically adds everyone who's following him?)

I am reassured to hear from yesterday's comments that deliberating over electronics purchases (or maybe any purchases) is general male behaviour, and not particularly obsessive. Maybe I've been thrown off the scent because my dad, while he likes to investigate what's out there, never needs very much persuasion to get a new camera. Or laptop. Or whatever. Perhaps he's atypical.

I thought we were going to have a bit of an episode of obsessiveness when J came home from work today. His bike wasn't changing gear properly. Like me, J uses his bike as his main means of transport, so it had to be fixed. J dislikes fiddling with mechanical devices, and always fears he'll make the problem worse instead of better. On past occasions we have spent several long greasy sessions during which he makes tiny adjustments first one way and then the other and then declares that nothing is making it any better, and goes into a decline.

However, on this occasion, he overcame this tendency, made a decision as to what to do, did it, and then had a shower and felt a lot better. He's still plugging away at the tables for his CBT, too. I am not going to overstate things, but I've been impressed by his dedication, especially since he still has plenty of periods when he doesn't think it has a chance of working.

If you really believe in the future and in your abilities, success is still not guaranteed, it's true. But keeping on trying when you can't make that leap of faith is truly impressive.

This has been a very random post indeed. Sorry about that. I will try to come up with something a little less stream-of-consciousness for tomorrow!


--V said...

I don't shop around very much for electronic equipment, either. Does it do what I want? Yes. Will it bankrupt me to buy it? No. I'll take it.

To answer your question about Stephen Fry -- it's him, all right. Just read some of the tweets from his Twitter home page. The one about the iPhone in the pocket -- no PA would put that out there.

He's following me too -- I found & followed him yesterday, and first thing this morning I saw he was following me back. Shocked.

Today's word verification: culted -- they're starting to sound more like words lately, have you noticed?

Tanya Brown said...

No worries over calling the SD card a Fuji Finepix! I think everyone understood what you meant.

Playing with pigs sounds fun. Random posts are also fun.

All the best to you, your hubby, the pigs and the camera -

P.S. My word verifcation string: cieste. Sounds vaguely Italian, eh?

scoliyogi said...

My father, who also suffers from depression (Oedipus complex much?!), used to be very obsessive about things too, although these days he just buys whatever he wants on a whim. He claims both depression and obsession are things you grow out of (when you hit 50 apparently, which isn't exactly "growing" but there we are!)

I'm a huge believer in positive thinking. Put a message out into the universe and all that. Just be careful what you wish for !!!

Shauna said...

hello! i am so behind on internets and emails, IOU! but just wanted to say i relate to your hubby's methodical camera shopping! i've been trying to choose one for two months now. so sad :)

K said...

--V: yes, I don't doubt that he writes his own tweets. I'd have thought there must be hundreds of new followers a day, though? Maybe not.

Tanya: the pigs are a great consolation. They lead such uncomplicated lives. Give them a carrot and they go "Wow! A carrot! How much better can it get?" (Well, they can't talk, but you know what I mean.)

Scoli: I am also a huge believer in positive thinking. It's a pity that one can't do it for other people.

Hi Shauny! Nice to see you :) I will post some sort of review of the camera when it gets here, which it hasn't yet...

Isabelle said...