Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nearly forgot to post tonight

And it would have been a pity to deprive you, dear reader, of my scintillating posts, wouldn't it?

I have a suspicion that the last post might have been boring, since only one person has commented. Or perhaps people are busy midweek. Or perhaps they're not used to this plethora of updates from two-posts-a-month K.

Anyway. Loth commented, for which I am grateful. She is impressed that I can knit. (She is an impressive person herself).

I am quite impressed that I can knit, frankly, since I only learned to do it a year ago and have not had a lot of time to hone my skills since. My total output amounts to a pair of fingerless gloves, two woolly headbands, three-quarters of a sock and one-third of a scarf. And I'm stuck on the sock.

Still, I find repetitive pastimes very soothing, and knitting is marginally more useful than cross-stitch, and definitely a lot more useful than hours of Tetris. And knitting is easy to pick up for a few minute and put down again, so it's my craft of the moment.

I still don't feel like a REAL knitter, though, compared to other bloggers I know who knit - I wouldn't be up to making this, for example, or these. Or not just yet. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the beginner stage. Maybe one mythical day when I know what I'm doing, I will no longer think it's magic when the string turns - against all likelihood - into a scarf.

Knitting doesn't always have to be useful, either. I definitely do not have enough spare time to do this sort of thing. But it makes me happy that somebody does. I particularly like the lamppost.

It is wet and misty in Edinburgh. Very traditional for Bonfire Night. I got rather wet cycling home.


Meg said...

Whee! A fellow knitter! are you on Ravelry?


Tanya Brown said...

The last post wasn't boring - it may just be the case that sometimes people don't feel they have a useful comment.

Oh. And some of us still have hangovers as a result of the U.S. election and can barely type.

Rosemary Grace said...


Honestly? That shawl is a simple pattern. If you did Calorimetry as your first knit, you can totally do it! And I was not only hung over from celebrating Obama's victory, but finishing a midterm assignment, and I'm shocked that I went a day without a click over to your site!

Loth said...

Hey, now TETRIS I can do! Love watching those little russian guys dancing!

scoliyogi said...

I'm reading I'm reading *puts up hand*

Are you doing that NaBloPoMo thingie?

Isabelle said...

Hello, dear daughter! How nice to get all these posts from you. Hope you've dried out.

K said...

Meg - yes, I am on Ravelry. I'm kicking-k.

Tanya - oh dear, did it seem as though I was comment-fishing? Well, I suppose I was, really. Often enough I read posts but don't comment, so I should just put up with it when people don't.

RG - Simple? I don't believe it. Lace always looks complicated.

Loth - my Tetris is It has no little Russian guys. Alas.

Scoliyogi - yes, you have unmasked me. I wasn't going to admit it until I had a week of posts up, because I do not really believe I can do it. I should just go ahead and add the link in the sidebar now!