Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skin of teeth

OK, this is going to be very brief because (as Mum noted in her comment to my last entry) I had another very busy day. When I came home I was exhausted, and after tea decided to have an early bath. I didn't switch the computer on, got into bed, and completely forgot about blogging until 11.50.

So there we go. The big news of the day is that our digital camera arrived today, but we haven't tested it out yet (see above).

I imagine that once we do, you will see some pictures of guinea pigs.


Tanya Brown said...

Guinea pigs? Furry, cuddly, squeak and piddle in one's lap? Sounds good.

Word verification string today is "ovudges". It sounds like a disorder of the reproductive system, no?

K said...

As you say. Furry, cuddly, squeak, and these days generally get returned to base before the piddling, because we have learned to recognise the signs of a pig with something on her mind...

Yes, that doesn't sound all that nice. My word is "flogi", which I think is a brand of French yoghurt. Or possibly instant mashed potato.