Thursday, December 22, 2005

Roundup, part one - mortarboards and progress photos

Tons and tons of stuff has happened since my last entry, much of it concerning the D. B. We went back to his home town for the graduation and stayed with his parents, who have been missing him. His dad and I went to the graduation on Friday.

The D. B and I met at university, and then proceeded to take postgraduate degrees at another, different university, and not at the same time as one another. However, for complicated reasons (one day I may write about them, but don’t hold your breath) I graduated in absentia, so I never got to dress up in the big robes and have my picture taken. (We’d already done that when we graduated from our first degrees, so it was not a huge deal.)

For fun, and because my mum quite fancies having a complete set of photos, I decided to hire robes and get my photo taken with the boy. Which we did, holding fake plastic diplomas and making last-minute decisions as to whether the hats should be on or off.

I didn’t really think through what would happen after that, because I then had to walk around robed for the rest of the morning. When we got to the Great Hall, I had to explain three times that no, I wasn’t supposed to sit at the front with the graduands because despite the robe and silly mortarboard under my arm, I wasn’t graduating today. The first two stewards merely gave me a “Well, it takes all sorts” kind of look, but the third said “So you’re just wearing that for fun?” in the sort of tone of voice usually associated with “Didn’t it hurt when they pierced your nipple?”

As I’ve said before, I have no idea what I look like and usually feel that some daft-looking stranger has taken my place in photos. I have no progress photos on this site mostly because with the measly amount of weight I’ve lost, I’m hard put to tell the difference between thin pics and fat pics. (Also I’m mostly hiding behind someone else.) When I look at the photos of my previous graduation, though, I really do look quite chubby-faced, so it’ll be interesting – and possibly discouraging – when the new ones turn up to see if there is any visible difference. Obviously the gown will be hiding my body, but the skirt I wore to graduate the first time is now loose on me, so I know I’m thinner in general.


Zara said...

What a great idea! Glad you captured the moment, fake diplomas and all. And did you decide for hats on or off? :)

You are both healthier and thinner - good job! Smile when you see those photos because you know how much has changed since the last ones - even though the gown may hide the "proof" and there's no way to photograph habits and thought patterns. :)

Rosemary Grace said...

I've joked that I need to do a Master's just so I can have a better graduation photo! I did a group shot, and my granny was there to be in it, which was great, but I was at my absolute highest weight and really should have gotten a haircut for the occasion.

Great idea to hire a gown and get photos taken with the boy!

PastaQueen said...

Ha! That's funny!

I actually hate my college graduation photo because I'm at about my highest weight and I look horrible. It particularly sucked because I had the highest GPA in my major and they made me stand up to acknowledge me and I just wanted to hide. They also announced my GPA to everyone which was a tad embarrassing because I don't like to boast. I also felt like a cheater because I had transferred in after 2 years at another school and those grades didn't count toward my GPA, so I got a couple B's knocked off.