Monday, December 05, 2005

The Cheese of Doom

I take it all back. Obviously I do eat cheese every single day, or at least I did this week. I'm trying not to make excuses: it's been an unusually social week, and maybe not the most representative one to have chosen. However, maybe no week is normal. This week I'll be going down south to watch the D. B. graduate, so it won't be "normal" either. I suppose that you have to take going out with friends (and so on) into account, because nonstandard days will come up, and you have to allow for them.

Seven comments! That's got to be a record (I'm not counting my responses). I keep meaning to say that I love getting comments, so thanks to all the people who leave them and if you're reading this now, do give me a wave.

I'm now feeling a lot better, and am heading back to the gym after a week off.

Boring foody bit:


Breakfast: Rice crispies (there! I surprised you! Only because we’d run out of oats) with 1 tbsp flaxseeds, 4 tbsp muesli, about 200ml skimmed milk. Herbal tea.

Lunch: egg mayonnaise on white roll. (I was aware this wasn’t the healthiest, but I was in a hurry.) Apple. Nonfat latte from Starblend*.

More herbal tea. Chocolate coin (just 1) from the Christmas Elf**.

Buffet at pub quiz†: half egg sandwich on white bread (not very nice). Four small pieces of vegetable quiche (about an inch square). 1 gin and tonic, Diet C0ke. When I got home, cup of tea, plate of boiled peas.


Breakfast: Rice crispies with 1 tbsp flaxseeds, 4 tbsp muesli, about 200ml skimmed milk.

Lunch: sandwich (2 slices wholegrain bread, 40g cheddar, 2tsp Flora) and apple.

Tea – vegetable soup. I forget the main course. I didn’t write this down, because I thought I would remember, and I am stupid. Tesco’s apricot lowfat yoghurt.

Later: pineapple lowfat yoghurt. Half a pack of fresh pineapple. I must have had a serious pineapple deficiency that day.


Breakfast: Oats (Mum had been to Tesco) with 1 tbsp flaxseeds, 4 tbsp muesli, about 200ml skimmed milk

Lunch: vegetable soup. Toasted cheese (about 40g cheese, 1 slice wholegrain bread) and apple. A small piece of chocolate from the Christmas Elf, and about five jelly beans (from the D. B.)

Tea. Well now. The D. B and I went to dinner at the house of some friends, who are French. All that can honestly be said for this meal was that I didn’t totally overeat. We had “raclette”, which is basically potatoes, meat or vegetables with melted cheese poured over them. You melt the cheese at the table, a bit like fondue. I stuck to the vegetables, obviously, and had some salad, but I did eat something like 100-150 grams of melted cheese. It was absolutely delicious and was followed by little chocolate things.


Breakfast: Oats with 1 tbsp flaxseeds, 4 tbsp muesli, about 200ml skimmed milk

Lunch: vegetable soup. Roll with about 35g cheese. Apple. Small packet of chocolate from Christmas Elf (about 75 calories). Crunch cream biscuit (also about 70ish calories).
Tea: vegetable soup. 1 cup butterbean/onion/mushroom stew. About 2 cups of salad containing mixed leaves, carrots, grated beetroot, yellow pepper, snap peas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. 2 potato croquettes (tsk tsk). ½ piece sponge cake filled with raspberries and whipped cream, small scoop ice cream. Coffee. Several cups of herbal tea later in evening.

*Obscure reference to book called The Telling by Ursula Le Guin.
** OK. It's like this. We have an elf who comes to our house and leaves us a little treat, every day of Advent. Yes, I know, we're very lucky. He's kindly leaving me only very small amounts of chocolate as he doesn't want to put temptation in my way...
† We won!


Shauna said...

dude! you are doing well. how do you manage the flaxseeds? oh how i have tried to like em.

Jeni said...

And look at your veggie consumption! It is off the charts! Well done. I read a book by Ursula LeGuin once, can't remember what it's called. It was in a philosphy class in college, I think it was about a society on another planet.

Anyway getting off track. Nice work on the veggies!

K said...

DG - by eating them so early in the morning that I might as well be eating Expanded Polystyrene Crunchies. I don't think they really taste of much when mixed into cereal (though they do stick in the teeth a bit) and being veggie I need the essential fatty acids in them.

Jen - I need absolutely no encouragement to eat vegetables. It's not eating stuff I have trouble with... I've never tasted a vegetable I didn't like, so I don't deserve any credit for that.

Appleblossombeck said...

You're fortunate K: I didn't start eating veggies besides potatoes and maize until I was about 16! I like *lots* more veggies than I used to, but it's still like pulling hen's teeth sometimes, trying to make me eat what's good for me. So, good for you! Even it's natural and you haven't had to work at liking veg, you're still that far ahead of people like me...somedays it feels like I need a SWAT team; "Step away from the chocolate, ma'm! We don't want anyone to get hurt!"

fin said...

I don't know why I enjoyed reading this...but i did.