Tuesday, December 27, 2005



Appleblossombeck said...

Wow! What gorgeous, and gorgeously long, hair! *sighs and grabs the deep conditioner yet again*

K said...

Um, thanks! All down to my morbid fear of hairdressers. It keeps my back warm, though.

This picture was never intended to stay here (hence the incredibly original and witty post title) - I was just trying to get some anti-split-ends tips from the girls at the longhair livejournal community, so I thought I'd better show them what it looks like. I desperately need to get proper photo hosting. However, I am a sucker for compliments, so here it stays!

BethK said...

Your hair is gorgeous. When my hair was long I found that sleeping with it loosely braided and never using a hair brush on tangles helped keep the split ends down. My hair's a bit wavey so I never managed to get that same shine you have.

My hair used to be that same color too... Back in the day I was forever coloring it something more 'interesting' now I'd kill to find that shade in a nice gray covering bottle.

Quixotic said...

Aha, another person with a perfectly rational fear of hairdressers. My phobia dates back to an incident as a child - the horrid woman cut too much off my very long hair, saying "it will grow into the style you wanted!" Tell that to a 10 year old kid just about to go to boarding school, who had hair down to her bum, now cut off to fall just below the ears!

Ok, I'm still traumatised!