Monday, August 13, 2007


So, after that very good start, my weight did nothing in any direction this week, and nor did my bodyfat percentage points. Humph. Well, OK, maintaining is better than gaining.

I am very good at maintaining, actually. My metabolism seems to be the kind that doesn't really care much what I do, because I neither gain nor lose weight very easily. Which probably means that I get away with nutritional negligence when I shouldn't.

Actually, last week was OK, food-wise, although Sunday included some chocolate which I rather regretted afterwards. But, I don't know... I don't think I was being as mindful as I need to be. No major dietary crimes, but I'd lost concentration a bit.

I've been trying not to eat bread, on two grounds: firstly, I don't seem to digest it very well (I get indigestion if I eat toast for breakfast). Secondly, in the absence of any actual snack foods in our house, I have a tendency to grab a slice out of the fridge mid-evening. Not that this is a nutritional crime, but I don't NEED it.

And I didn't entirely avoid doing that. I also made some muffins, but I don't regret that (and I didn't eat them all myself!).

The main thing about last week was that I didn't go running at all, although I have been lifting weights like a good little person. I went out on my bike a couple of times, and for walks, and I springcleaned the entire house (which feels like exercise, although I seriously doubt that it has any benefits). But evidently this wasn't enough. This would fit in with my previous experience: it doesn't matter how healthily I eat - if I want to lose, I need to do lots of proper sweaty cardio. As in running.

I need to work on scheduling that, though. It's too hot to run on the local cycle path during the day, but if I go near sunset, J has conniptions, because it's not very well-lit. (He came with me once, but he got nervous and was bitten by midges.) I wouldn't run there myself after dark had properly fallen. But it's so much better than running on the streets, which I really don't like. I can never get into a rhythm in between dodging pedestrians, wheelie bins, and having to stop to cross the road. And most of the streets round here are pretty steep. And I suspect J still won't like me running in the dark. Sigh.

However! New week, clean slate! I shall go and skip in the back garden, and then I shall do some work for my paleography assignment. And later perhaps I shall go for a run. Wish me luck.


Isabelle said...

It's not only J who doesn't like you running in the dark! Your mother doesn't either. Don't do it! Skipping in the back garden is fine, or join your gym again.

Love you lots!

Rosemary Grace said...

I'm sorry, I have to laugh at it being too hot to run in the daytime. I remember over 20C being HOT, now I'm surrounded by people who start putting on sweaters as soon as it gets that "cold". I'm not quite one of them...I put on a sweater at 15C. I'm sure I will now be punished by 3 weeks of wind and rain when I visit.

K said...

Mother dear: I don't run in the dark. I run in the evening, when it is cooler but not yet dark. (I'm not giving you two marks for that question!) Come to that, you used to run in the dark, didn't you? If only up and down the lane.

The great disadvantage of doing things in the back garden is the audience. The fences aren't high enough. Also, it's very, very boring.

RG: yup, wind and rain seems quite likely. Sorry.

Jeni said...

Hi K - good luck with your running! I think it's great that you can maintain - I always seem to go up and up. Glad to hear you are well.

Cabell said...

Cleaning is low-impact cardio, especially if you're up and walking back and forth a lot. I'm certainly counting packing as part of my exercise this week--basically, I equate it with fairly slow walking.

Do you put ground flax in baked goods? It ups the protein, fiber, and good fat content.

PastaQueen said...

Between you and DietGirl, I am now convinced that Great Britain is infested with midges. Midges madness!

The trail near me gets pretty crowded at times too. Friday nights are good for clearning people out since they're out drinking instead of running.

K said...

PQ - it is merely Scotland which is infested with midges! And they're only really a problem in the evening and in the countryside (which is why they attack DietGirl when she goes camping) or wooded areas. Unfortunately they're attracted to carbon dioxide, so they do make a beeline for people.

Only some people react to their bites. I don't, but J does.