Sunday, July 29, 2007

Endings and beginnings

What's ended? My job.

While I knew this would happen, because it was a temporary contract, I'm sad about it. I liked the people, I liked the work, and I felt as though I knew what I was doing. I like knowing what's going to happen next week.

So I've started (once more) on a round of phone calls and e-mails while I try to find something new and wait for a paid position to come up. Which I'm sure it will. I hope it doesn't take months this time, though.

Moving on: the serious disadvantage of this job was the commute. I am convinced that commuting is as tiring as using the same amount of time to do anything else, and I was very tired while I was doing this. So while I had many good intentions, I never really managed to get into an exercise routine that went anywhere while I was doing this job.

That is going to change. For the next little while, I will undoubtedly have more free time than I've had for months. And I'm going to profit by it by getting serious about fitness.

I don't like the phrase "to struggle with one's weight". Struggling doesn't sound much fun, does it? "Come and help me, I'm really struggling here". It sounds as though you're expending a lot of energy but not getting anywhere. It sounds like thrashing around and still going under in a sea of frustration.

I don't struggle with fitness. Either I take positive action and become fitter, or I do not struggle. Rather than drowning, I float. I do nothing. I let the tide wash around me. The trouble with floating is that you have no control over where you are going.

So. Enough floating. The weekend before last, I finally bought a scale. It was something of an impulse buy, and in an ideal world we'd have done a bit more research, but I am tired of not getting on with things.

Last week, I went running three times. I lifted lots of weights. I ate sensible things. And between Sunday and Friday I lost two pounds.

I also set myself a mini-goal: I'm going to lose ten pounds by my birthday, which is a month away. I'm including this week's loss, so that's eight pounds to go. My start weight was 187 pounds (38% bodyfat, according to my fancy new scale), and it's now 185 pounds.

Yeah, I know 10 pounds isn't that much. But given that I've been doing all this floating, I need to start with something I'm fairly sure I can accomplish. Without a struggle.

ETA: I tried to post this yesterday, and it looked fine, and then I came back and it had disappeared. Very mysterious.


Cabell said...

Actually, 10 pounds is kind of a lot for a month (~5 weeks). Two pounds a week is pretty much at the upper end of what is generally considered a "safe" rate of weight loss, although you may lose more quickly at the very beginning of a weight loss regimen. Anyway, two pounds in just under a week is a REALLY good start, and I know you can do it; I just don't want you to get discouraged if your rate of loss drops a bit.

Rosemary Grace said...

I like your alternative take on the "struggle" phrasing. I try to remind myself to think of it as treading water when I am not progressing with positive changes.

Enjoy your free time working on your muscles! Is the weather getting any better? It is forecast to be over 37C here next week, I am rather looking forward to cooler, somewhat windy weather when I get over there.

Isabelle said...

Your post is now visible. Good for you! Maybe I'lll join you in the 10 pound challenge. Pity I've just eaten a biscuit...

K said...

Cabell: yes, I know. It would actually work out more like 8 pounds over 6 weeks, but I'm not going to get stressy if it's slower. I just need something to aim at to force myself to be a little stricter.

I know from previous experience that I don't lose quickly, even at the beginning. And I don't seem to have lost a thing this week (either pounds or bodyfat percentage points). Such is life.

RG: We've had some lovely sunny days, but today was rather damp, I'm afraid.