Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 19, run 2

Out for my second run today. I was doing quite well to get out, since I have had a sore throat for the past few days and felt pretty rough this morning, but I was feeling better by late afternoon.

It all went smoothly although there were definitely more people (and cars) around at 5pm than at 1.30 - I guess they're all going home from work! So I had slightly more of an audience... oh well. The traffic didn't come along at any point when I actually wanted to cross the road, which was handy. My feet didn't hurt this time, so hopefully I have learned how to tie my laces properly after all these years.

I have got RunKeeper working now, although I haven't yet figured out how to enter a workout with splits, so I had to do all the bits as separate workouts. Not a big deal. The GPS appears to work pretty well, despite the route being down in a valley.

The total distance (with the walk from home included) was almost exactly 3.5 km.
1km walk: 1.1km, 8:52, avg pace 8.47
Freestyle run: 1.3km (how?) 7:07, avg pace 6:56

So I'm seeing quite an improvement in the numbers from last time: a whopping 1:56 faster on the walk (lacing my trainers properly must really have made a difference!) and 35 seconds quicker on the run. It helps to have the somewhat strict RunKeeper lady telling me when I've done five minutes; I did the last part of the run the quickest, probably because I wasn't worrying about peaking too soon by then.

And it took my mind off the referendum for a while...