Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Day three

Eating: going OK so far. Exercise: not so good, but I have plans.

So far I have stuck to the plan of not eating between meals, and I hope it's doing something, because (not that I'm moaning, or anything) I'm hungry rather a lot of the time. The reason why I decided to do it this way is that I tend not to eat mindfully between meals. I don't THINK it adds up to much at the time, but over the course of the day it probably does.

The daytime is all right - plenty of other things to think about - but during the evening I am having to exert a bit of willpower. There is fairly substantial evidence that it's healthier not to eat late in the evening, so if I can train myself not to, that will be a bonus. I've been knocking off various sewing and mending projects.

Exercising... I could absolutely have gone out for a couple of hours this morning, and I didn't (I did do a fair amount of cleaning instead; my husband's been doing most of the housework this summer to let me study, so it's my turn). I haven't added anything to the activity I would normally do.

This is somewhat feeble since my afternoons, for example, aren't nearly as busy as they used to be; my son's at nursery school and my daughter has a nap for two hours (which does mean someone needs to be in the house, but I could get an exercise video or something... bleah. I never much fancy exercise videos.)

So some mindset adjustment needs to happen. I have signed up for the Up and Running 5K running course, which requires you to do three one-hour training sessions a week - and if I can't schedule three measly hours out of 168 in a week, then that really is a bit feeble! And, you know, I've paid money for it now...

It doesn't start until the 8th, but that's less than a week!

(Hello Stomper, nice to see you!)


Isabelle said...

Good for you, darling daughter. Pity we'll be away and can't take the littles to allow you to go to the gym, but keep going just now and we'll be back soon. Well, fairly soon. Missing you already!

Thimbleanna said...

YAY!!! Good for you -- it sounds like you have more willpower than I do. I have exercise classes at work that are wonderful, but I often wonder if they weren't so convenient if I'd make the effort otherwise. I love your mother's comment -- she's going to miss her babies SO much!

Rosemary Riveter said...

Up and running is great, it made a huge difference to me, I got a big boost in stamina and cardio fitness, and I "only" walked it.

I'm in "back on the wagon" mode too, this summer I signed up to share personal training sessions with 3 friends. The trainer has reminded us that things like doing 10 squats every time you get up to go the loo adds up to a lot of extra exercise.