Monday, September 08, 2014

Day 8

First weekly weigh-in...

Up 1lb since last week :(

(It is traditional at this point to say something about increased muscle mass or water weight but I don't really think those are the reasons.)

I've been doing well at the snack-avoiding, have had nothing sugary other than the odd bit of fruit, and I've moved somewhat more than the week before, I think. I've done a fair amount of brisk walking with the buggy, enough to get hot. I have been very hungry in the evenings, though...

Two possibilities: the snack-avoiding doesn't amount to as many calories as I thought, and it isn't making enough difference; or it amounts to more than I thought and the body is protesting and going into starvation mode. Which seems unlikely. I guess I'm going to have to count calories for a bit and see what my daily intake actually is. Maybe I'll start on Wednesday; tomorrow is my birthday and I believe there will be cake (in moderate quantities, OK?)

I'd have to say that in the past, I've tried calorie-counting and the numbers have sat stubbornly in the same place unless I was doing a lot of exercise as well. Still, onwards and upwards (or downwards, I hope).

The Up and Running fora are now open for chat, but the actual running doesn't start properly until next week (the first week is all about motivation and mindsets). I may take myself out for a little trot at some point regardless. I haven't managed to get a sports watch yet, though, so perhaps it's just as well we're not starting the timed stuff yet.

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