Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 16

Last week was a bit less than ideal diet-wise since it was my birthday (hello 35), we had guests, and we went out to eat several times. Not that I'm complaining about any of that! You can't always expect to have perfect control over where and when you eat and what's on offer.

So on the whole I was happy that the scales today say exactly what they said last week - no move in either direction.

I had a lovely birthday - my brother came down and I went for lunch with him, J, my lovely mother-in-law and the Sweetpea (the Peanut had been hustled off to nursery after a sandwich lunch; his timetable at the moment doesn't really allow for going out to lunch on weekdays). I also got a variety of splendid gifts including a necklace with planets on, books, DVDs, a knitting kit and some quilting fabric. Highly satisfactory!

Then on Wednesday J, MIL and I took the kids to Almond Valley Heritage Centre and they saw lots of animals and learned what you do with a trampoline:

J and I went out to Pizza Express on Friday by ourselves, after MIL reminded us that we were yet to take her up on her offer of a meal and babysitting for an anniversary present. That was very pleasant too. Though it was a bit chilly coming home. Wednesday was very sunny, but the year is ticking on.


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