Monday, October 29, 2007

Mud and sawdust

I didn't weigh myself last Monday because I was in the grip of the crimson tide and feeling extremely terrible, and also bloated, so I was pretty sure the scales weren't going to say anything useful. And the in-laws were here on a visit, and we went out to dinner and then they came to dinner twice, and I didn't take much exercise because of feeling terrible, and, you know, not in the mood. And then I made some mini lemon bundt cakes out of How to Be a Domestic Goddess, because we both needed cheering up (see below). Very low-GI, I'm sure. No, they didn't have ground flaxseed in them or any other healthy modifications (if anyone knows where you can get ground flaxseed that costs less than several times its weight in gold, could they let me know?) They were nice, though.

The previous number was 186, which was up a pound from the week before that (sigh), so I wasn't expecting anything very good today. However, the human body is a strange thing, because I am now at 184. I don't understand it either, but I'm not going to complain.

Why we needed cheering: I had a job interview on Tuesday which I felt went pretty disastrously, and that day we also found out that the baby guineapigs we were hoping to adopt had suddenly died. (Not the ones we babysit, in the photos below - they're fine, but they've gone home now.) The owner was all upset telling me about it, poor lady. Not a good day, Tuesday. Although I did go to lunch with my sister, who cheered me up.

However, I was called up today and I've been offered the job! So evidently my prediction skills are completely useless. Either that, or I am very lucky. I think I'm going to take the job. This is the one that comes with a staff discount on gym membership!

We are definitely still going to GET guineapigs, but we're probably going to go to a pet shop and buy some that are already born and passed as healthy, as that seems a less stressful way of doing it. J is currently engaged in making a hutch, so the place is slightly full of power tools and pieces of wood and heaps of sawdust, mixed with bits of dried mud off my boots because I spent the morning planting bulbs so the garden will look pretty in spring. I am not so good at gardening - or anything, really - where you don't see an instant result, but those bulbs have been sitting around for weeks and were on my conscience.

I am all caught up with my work, and in general, everything seems a lot more hopeful.


Rosemary Grace said...

Oh, poor little piglets!

So the interview you felt went well, no job, the interview you thought you'd bombed, get the job? Confusing, but pretty common.

I hope you get yourself some bouncy healthy piglets soon. I saw some lovely energetic dwarf rabbits in the pet store the other day and thought of you guys.

K said...

I don't think the piglets really knew anything about it or suffered. We think they probably had a birth defect. But it is a shame.

I've had similarly unpredictable results from interviews in the past... I think everyone does! Trouble is, I have spent the week convincing myself I didn't want that job anyway, and now I have to unconvince myself.

We definitely do not have a big enough garden or enough time to spare for rabbits. Maybe when we have kids!

BethK said...

Congratulation on the job and well done on the gym discount.

I'm so sorry about the guinea piglets. That must be very disappointing. Does your local animal shelter have a small mammal section? The one where I volunteer takes in everything including rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, domestic rats, the occasional brown rat that has been "domesticated" (always a tricky situation...)

Loth said...

Job interviews are notoriously difficult to predict. The job I got (out of 160 applicants!) the interview was so....weird that when my husband asked how it went, I said "I have absolutely no idea". But whenever I think I have done well? Nothing.

Sorry about the guinea pigs. I have Nigella's book too and those bundt cakes look yumm- do you have those dinky little loaf pans too? (You goddess, you!)