Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy November

So the last anybody heard from me, I was in America, having fun at WisCon. Which I did. I don't have many photographs of the actual con - too busy having fun - but Madison looks like this:

King Street

While I was there I tried the local delicacy (tastes nicer than it looks), had my hair plaited up like this, met up with Mum and Dad's old friends J and B and their grownup children (who were lovely) and my internet friend Cabell, among others, and had many, many conversations about Doctor Who and Lois McMaster Bujold books. I did a lot of live-tweeting of panels and felt, for once, as if I was at the cutting edge. I also managed to win a book token and come home with all of these.

And then I came home and was reunited with J and my piggies.

All three furbeans

In August I went to the Edinburgh Ravelry meetup and rubbed shoulders with lots of famous-to-me knitters, and some genuinely famous ones. I have been knitting lots of shawls, and a few socks.

Then in September, I went with my lovely in-laws on what has become our traditional British holiday. We were based in Bamburgh in the north of England, where we went for walks and I took lots of wannabe-arty photos.

We also went to Lindisfarne:
Lindisfarne Castle

and to the Alnwick Garden, which I really liked.

Leaves and sky

A good time was had in general.
On a walk

When I haven't been on holiday, much of my life has been spent at work. For various complicated reasons, work has been very busy this summer and rather more time-consuming than normal. I have been finding that I haven't had a lot of brain left to blog with, hence the silence. I am thinking about what I can do about this.

In the meantime I have mustered enough braincells to make a boyfriend for our sock monkey:
Ms Monkey has a boyfriend

to knit some ghosts:

and to make a pumpkin lantern for Hallowe'en.
Happy Hallowe'en!

So maybe I'm back. Hello.


Loth said...

Cool pumpkin! And I love the knitted ghosts - I can carve a pumpkin not too badly but knitting is, as you know, well beyond me. Nice to have you back!

--V said...

Welcome back! I really like those sock monkeys.

Evin said...

What cheerful and fun sock monkeys! Love the colors.