Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blow, blow, thou winter wind

At the beginning of last week, the weather was crisp and sunny and calm and all the trees still had all their leaves. Towards the weekend, the wind got up and most of the trees aren't looking quite so colourful now.

I don't have many trees in my garden but I appreciate the ones that are there: two Japanese maples which don't even come up to my waist, but which have beautiful leaves, and an Amanogawa cherry tree.

(Hmm. You'd think I had a Japanese theme going deliberately, but I don't.)


I love the bright colours in nature. I'm not sure I'd choose this garnety-red as a decorating colour, but it makes a lovely leaf.

In the meantime, I am eating pumpkin soup (from the "Butternut Squash Soup" recipe in How To Eat - soup from a recipe! how fancy) and knitting socks to keep the draughts from my ankles.

Sheila's Sock yarn


old_black said...

What an interesting life you lead! And what skills!! I have never tried to carve a pumpkin, but that one looks extremely professional. The socks look . . . . colourful (Not quite my style, but I'd admire them on you).

I'm looking forward to continuing updates....

K said...

Well, goodness! I was thinking what an uninspired blogpost this was...

Nice to see you again.

Rosemary Riveter said...

Beautiful leaf! I miss the turning of the seasons.

Isabelle said...

Welcome back, little daughter!