Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What we did at the weekend

I may not have mentioned this before, but my husband has a lively interest in audiovisual and broadcasting technology. Not just the programmes, but the methods of transmission and recording. He also likes to be well-supplied with equipment for receiving and recording transmissions, though he doesn't require it to be new - in fact, he'd rather have something old if he can get it to work. He also likes his hi-fi to sound as good as possible.

As a result, this is what the corner of the sitting room looked like until last Saturday. Lots of boxes and wires.I'm certain that I've mentioned that the TV in the picture above was on the blink. Latterly, it was switching itself off almost immediately after being switched on, which made watching it a bit difficult.
However, the corner of the sitting room now looks like this. Better, isn't it?
(That's an episode of Frasier - the one where a basketball player rubs Niles's head for good luck.)
It took a while to select and buy the TV, partly because we are cautious people when it comes to buying new stuff, and partly because it is impossible to buy new cathode ray TVs any more, and the flat ones seem to sell out very quickly. However, the decision to buy a corner unit was taken and carried out in about 24 hours, mostly because a family trip to IKEA happened to coincide with TV Delivery Day. (If you're reading, Shauna, it's a Leksvik.) I'm so glad we went for it.
Still, you're not interested in our TV. What you really want to know is whether Linds's carrot cake turned out well.
I think this picture speaks for itself. (Goodness, Cupcake looks huge. Maybe she's actually an albino wombat or something.)


Linds said...

Excellent! It keeps very well too, and stays moist. Enjoy! And I love the new tv arrangement. I need a new tv too, but that will have to wait!

Thimbleanna said...

Ha! There's J! You can't imagine the big smile, seeing his big smile, brought to my face! Love the new arrangement -- very nice!

And ack! You mean there was an IKEA under my nose the whole time I was there? Why oh why didn't I think to look for one? We don't have one nearby -- I only get to sneak a peek at one when I go to NJ.

scoliyogi said...

The more I read about your husband the more I think we are married to the same man :)

We are on a big TV etc buying mission next month complete with units etc. I'll show him this photo actually to give him some inspiration!

Loth said...

You got one! Hurray! Living room corner looking very professional now.