Thursday, February 05, 2009


My sister's company moved offices a week or so ago, and handily for me, her new workplace is a stone's throw from mine - I can even see part of the building out of my office window. So we've decided to have a sisterly lunch every Thursday. This week, my brother was in town as well, and he came along too.

I get on well with both my sibs, though we're all very different. I will never be either as organised, imaginative, or stylish as my sister, and I'll never be as witty or grounded as my brother. They're very good company.

We've always got on well. Apparently when my sister was brought home from the hospital, I thought she was the best thing ever, and she was my boss from then on. When my brother arrived, she and I instantly co-opted him as an extra doll. The poor kid spent the first few years being dressed up in a variety of outfits, put in a doll's pram, and arbitrarily re-named for whatever imaginary game we were playing.

We did this a lot. My sister was always the guiding spirit, and there are plenty of pictures of us dressed up to play circuses, schools or Peter Pan. We also drew and made things with paper and sellotape ("There are lots of little bits of paper all over the carpet again...") and built intricate structures out of Lego. We didn't always do the same things - my brother was a big car enthusiast from an early age - but we did often play together, and were closer than most siblings I know. I'm glad we all still like each other!

Back garden

This photo was taken almost 22 years ago - I'm seven, and the others are almost six and two. Doesn't the weather look lovely?

It is minus 5 degrees (only celsius, but still) outside at the moment. It seems impossible that sandal weather will ever arrive again. But it will. Patience.


scoliyogi said...

I know this is a bit silly but I've always been jealous of people with two or more siblings all relatively close in age who have memories of fun games and stuff.

My brother is seven years younger than me and although we get on OK we've never been close due to the age gap. My mum always says it was like having two only children.

That said, I played a lot of imaginary games and dressing up. i just did it on my own. There are pictures of the poor dogs having to dress as fairies and so forth (the cats of course would have nothing to do with it!)

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable picture -- you all look so cute. And look at your long legs! I have a younger sister and we played with dolls and all sorts of imaginary stuff just like you -- I can only imagine how we would have tortured a little brother if there had been one. It also seems as if you're writing about what it was like when I was young -- hard to believe there's a generation's difference!

The Holistic Knitter said...

Great blog post, great photograph !
I've tagged you for a meme here - hope you'll play:

Croila said...

Aww, this is lovely! I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister, and I like to think if I had had one, it would be as you describe. My (only) brother is 9 years younger than I am and it's almost like a generation apart, although now we're all grow up, I would do anything to help him and (I hope!) vice versa. Not so when we were younger though - his arrival seriously put my nose out of joint!

The photo in your post looks wonderful. Very happy, and good weather too. Heart-warming stuff!

Kaylen said...

Very cute indeed!!
I have two older sisters, but unfortunately I can't remember a time when we were ever that close. They are just 18 months apart and I am 5.5 yrs younger. I never remember them being REALLY close, but I definitely remember us never just hanging out and having good times together.
Sad. :(

Enjoy your siblings---you are very fortunate!