Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Waiting for things to start

My new job starts in two weeks exactly (yes, on a Tuesday). I have a feeling rather like being on hold on the telephone: I'm waiting impatiently for something to happen, and yet fear that when it does happen, I will be slightly startled by it because I'll have stopped paying attention and gone off into a dream...

As regards the feet: again, waiting. I can't "go get" the orthotic inserts because (according to my brother, who is a medical student) it will probably be a few months before I have an appointment to get my feet looked at. Everyone is supposed to be "dealt with" within 18 weeks on the NHS, but apparently that might just mean that I get a letter telling me when the appointment is. (As you can tell, I've never had to see a specialist about anything, or not for the past 15 years or so, so this comes as a surprise. It really shouldn't, considering what J's experiences have been.)

I'm not terribly impressed, but since I've been failing to notice there was a problem for the past 28 years... I suppose it's not that big a deal.

Question, though: will the orthotics affect the way my shoes fit? And if so, do I wait to buy new winter boots* until after I get them, or will there be no winter left to wear them in by then?

My brother says his orthotics don't affect the fit of his shoes at all; my sister says hers do.

In other non-feet news: yesterday, the scales said 185 (+1 since last week). Grump. However, this was a week which involved going out for an evening meal twice and to the pub once, so grumping is entirely unmerited. Also, J and my sister said, independently, that I was looking "skinny", and my sister thought I was thinner than at the wedding.

That isn't true, by about five pounds, but it demonstrates nicely how subjective body-image is. Because I was feeling distinctly lumpy all weekend (although one pound's fluctuation isn't likely to affect the degree of lumpiness to any visible extent) and then, after she said that, I felt perfectly fine.

Back in the summer, I decided that I wanted to make my bike my major means of transport. And then, when I'd proved I would get value out of it, buy a new one. But I didn't really go anywhere much in August or the early part of September... so I didn't ride the existing bike much. I'm doing better on this now: I've ridden it into town quite a few times and over to my parents' house a couple of times, which is about six miles each way. It's not a massive distance, but does include a fairly big hill on the way out. Which is good, because you get to coast for the last part on the way back. It doesn't actually seem that far any more.

As for NaNo... the less said, the better. I either have plenty of time, or I really, really don't. I don't think I'll be a winner this year, somehow.

*I like these ones, but they're... quite a financial commitment. So if I get them, they had better fit properly!


Rosemary Grace said...

You have good taste in boots! It sounds as though you'd be better waiting to see how stuff fits with the orthotics, maybe your sister notices a change because women's shoes are often more "fitted" than men's.

Six miles each way is too a massive distance! I am highly impressed. The one time I biked into town from Porty it nearly killed me!

K said...

I think it might be because L has a different type of orthotic insert (they boost her up at the back), but yeah, I should probably wait.

Six miles is a lot less massive if you take a four-hour break in the middle, eat cake and play with Mum's catlets. And once you've done a route a couple of times, you get to learn the bits where you need to pedal like crazy so that the momentum will carry you up the next hill... it gets a lot easier.

K said...

OK, that should have been "twelve miles". I didn't play with the catlets in the middle of Lothian Road.

Loth said...

Gorgeous boots - have you been down to drool at the Duo shop? I can't go past without peeking in the window. Haven't gone in as I suspect my willpower wouldn't be up to it.

Loth said...

Hi K, me again. Sorry - I tagged you for a meme. Don't hate me!