Monday, September 24, 2007

Paragraphs that start with "I"

I am now feeling a lot better everywhere but my foot. Thanks for the comments (which I've answered within the thread).

I have been out on my bike again, and am beginning to get back into the swing of cycling. After a break, it's so hard, and you feel like you're never going to get up the hills, and afterwards you have sore places; once you've been out a few times it's fine. I would really love to get back to the point where the bike is my main means of transport, which I've never managed to do in Edinburgh before.

I have a job interview on Thursday - wish me luck! And I've come to the decision that if I get this job, which is part-time, I will join the gym again, because I would just about have enough spare time to go (and also to spend time with my husband, who is in a bit of a fragile state and who needs me around).

I would like one of these. But I have far too many T-shirts already.


Isabelle said...

All my fingers are crossed for you for Thursday, my sweet daughter.

Nice to see the blog gaining momentum again!

K said...

I have posted an average of every two weeks for the past... well, quite a while. I admit that it would be better if I did it more often, yes.

Jeni said...

Good luck on your interview! Glad to hear you're doing well.

Loth said...

Good luck for the interview. And I will be looking out for a manic cyclist in that t-shirt whizzing past my windows!

Suse said...

All the best for the interview!

BethK said...

One can never have too many tee-shirts and that one is brilliant!