Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Backwards & sdrawroF

Post-workout yesterday, I showered, washed my hair, and stood combing it out in front of the big mirror in the changing room. Without thinking I tossed it back over my shoulders, and in the mirror saw a T-shirtless girl sitting on the bench behind flinch backwards.

I’d sprayed her with now-cold water off the ends of my hair. Very clean cold water, but still… Note to self: do not shake wet self like dog. You are a human; use a towel.

It could have been worse. Back in the days when I used to play football, my pigtail was a bit of an offensive weapon on rainy days, as it’s over a foot long and, when soaking wet, very heavy. Fair’s fair, though: it smacked me in the face as I turned about as often as it smacked anyone else.

The changing rooms at the gym were redone recently, and although they are much more salubrious than they were before, there are rather a lot of mirrors, set at angles to one another. I could live without this. I don’t mind seeing my reflection from the front, but catching sight of my rear as I’m walking to the showers… not so good. How is it that a person always looks so much wider from behind? Blast you, mirrors! I know I have a big bottom: do you have to rub it in?

There’s also the optical illusion produced by one set of mirrors, which are set not quite at right-angles to one another. This gives the illusion that your body is half as wide again. Also that you have one and a half heads, mind you, but even so it’s not encouraging.

And I could do with encouraging at the moment. The numbers on the scale are not going anywhere. Or rather they are, but only up half a pound, down half a pound, and up again. Yes, this has happened before – twice – and then I’ve suddenly and mysteriously lost five pounds at once and gone back to zigzagging, just at a lower number. But it’s driving me barmy. I’m not doing any less exercise; probably more, in fact, and I don’t feel that food has been particularly bad (well, except on Sunday when my grandparents took us out for lunch). I could cut calories a bit further, but am worried about messing with my metabolism, and there is no point in losing quickly only to find I can’t sustain it.

On the other hand, I’ve finally booked a free-weights induction. On Thursday. Although I’ve really enjoyed doing the Nautilus machines, and will probably keep on with some of them, I think I’ve gone as far as I’m likely to go with many of them. I record my progress in a notebook, and mostly have been working at the same level for weeks without much prospect of improvement. I can see that you can’t go on adding weight forever, so it’s probably time to learn something different.


Quixotic said...

On my own weightloss mission I have also hit a plateau. This might be to do with me being a bit under the weather and as such - slack. One week I did mysteriously lose 6lb though. Very odd.

Could your apparent lack of progress be down to converting fat to muscle? Muscle is, I'm sure I've read, heavier, so while you may lose inches, you might not lose as much weight? I'll admit, I'm no fitness/diet guru ;)

ravyn said...

i'm surfacing from work for a moment to catch up on my internet reading :-)

In your notebook, do you track your measurements? Not just bust/wasit/hips, but all over, wrist, forearm, bicep, thigh, calf? You might find that you're losing inches in not-so-obvious areas, even if your overall weight is at a plateau.

i used to track my measurements on the first of the month, and weight once a week. Lately though, i don't need a tape measure to tell me what kind of shape i'm in. **sigh**

But, Yoga might be my ticket back to exercise -- i've started a holistic riding class at the farm, and just doing the yoga and tai-chi has loosened up my ankle joint, making it a lot easier to walk than it has been since i sprained my heel.

It will get better :-)