Monday, June 06, 2005

Now listen, self

In an attempt not to write such ridiculously long entries, I am going to try to post more frequently. Famous last words.

Briefly: It’s the start of a new week. I need to kick-start the old motivation after last week’s pitiful gym attendance and two weeks of so-so dietary choices. So I’m going to post some goals for the week, in the style of Mo (four blogs. How does she do it?)

1. Go to gym three times. Get running again after runningless week.
2. On non-gym days, go for a walk at lunchtime. Browsing around a bookshop is not a valid alternative, unless it is really very wet outside.
3. Think before putting things in mouth. Do not eat things because they are there. Do not eat at computer.
4. Drink more water. (I tend to forget to do this.)

There. I’ve set some food-related goals. One thing that I’ve learned while writing this: I am better at exercising than dieting, and I’m not at all good at thinking about food choices in the long term. I think I can compensate for poor choices by being extra healthy the next day, and then I don’t do this.
Mini update - I did go to the gym at lunchtime. The scales now say 189.3, which is only a pound off my lowest weight. So it looks like the holiday wasn't too permanently disastrous after all.


mistoqsija said...

This looks like a Scottish bridget Jones` diary...hehe!
How much does your weight translate in kgs? Im into all this diet fixation myself.. i think it gets compulsive after a while. You start wishing you were thin in the first place and had to struggle to gain some weight coz the doctor said you were underweight :P

K said...

Hi mistoqsija!

Hey, I've made it - it seems all the good fitness bloggers get compared to Bridget Jones at some point! (At least, Wendy from Pound did).

I've just checked and apparently 189.3 pounds is 86.5 kg.

I am not at all compulsive about my diet. That's why I have this blog - in order to give myself a bit of discipline and accountability. Most of the time I don't give my weight a thought, which is why I've never found it easy to keep to a plan...

Right enough, it would probably be easier to be one of those people who's just naturally thin without making any effort, but that wasn't the genetic hand I was dealt. That's life. I'm sure the genetically thin people have their troubles too...