Sunday, November 09, 2014


So the running continued pretty well. I managed to keep at it all through September and October, and signed up to do the MoRunning 5K at the beginning of November as my end-of-course goal (mostly because it happened on the right weekend, to be honest).

Though I didn't ever quite manage to run for the whole 5K distance, I did get encouragingly speedier over the course of the six weeks, and the weather was mostly kind to me.

Then, at the beginning of the final week of the course, I was running as usual when I started to feel a bit of an ache up the back of my left heel. It wasn't bad, so I kept going. Then, towards the end of the run, I got a shooting pain that didn't go away and had to sit down on the pavement.

I waited it out a bit, but it didn't get any better, and eventually I limped home, iced it, and later tried heat on it. The pain faded a bit, but returned to some extent whenever I put weight on the ankle.

So, unfortunately, the 5K run did not happen, which was a great disappointment to me.

I have been trying to keep it active since, but as I think it is the tendon that I've injured and they are notoriously slow to heal, I'm not sure that running is going to happen in the forseeable future.


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