Thursday, July 07, 2011

40 weeks, no baby yet

Little stripy jumper

So here I am, a day past my due date and wondering when this baby will actually turn up. It's funny - I have been saying for some time that I'm in no hurry for the baby to arrive; I want him to stay in there as long as he needs to, because although I want to meet him, I know life will never be the same again. And I've always thought he would be late, because the official date of conception seemed a bit early to us, and then the due date got moved up by 10 days after the first ultrasound (which would mean this is really only week 38 and a bit).

But... now I'm starting to worry slightly about whether labour really will start to happen naturally. I've no reason to think it won't, but I don't feel any different from a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, the baby's head is now engaged, according to the midwife, so he's going in the right direction.

Then again, maybe it's just that it's hard to imagine giving birth when you've never done it. Mum says this is normal. I had a hard time believing I could get pregnant, if I'm honest. So I suppose labour will just start when it starts, and then we just have to see how it goes.

We are now officially Ready. We have clothes, we have nappies (disposable for the first few days, then cloth - pre-folds, should anyone be interested), we have a moses basket and a Moby sling. I have made and frozen lasagne and spiced savoury lentil cakes and stocked the freezer and the larder. The baby's room is ready and tidy. I still need to finish my baby quilt and blanket, but I'm working on those.

The baby is not quiltless, however, because one of Mum's blogfriends, Dianne, gave us this beautiful quilt, and a shawl and hat too:

Totally unexpected, but very much appreciated - the quilt is now beautifying the baby's cot, which he won't actually be using for a while yet.

So the baby can come any time. I wonder how we'll feel once things start moving? J is a bit nervous; I'm more apprehensive about needing labour interventions than about the natural course of events. But we can't tell how things will play out, so we're just trying to stay calm.

Some people in this house have no trouble staying calm at all.
Cupcake, sleeping

Right. It is tea-time. I have no idea what we're having for dinner. (I think the aunt-to-be would suggest curry followed by pineapple... she's quite eager for her nephew to arrive.)


Rosemary Riveter said...

Nice to hear an update! I'm thinking of you, and keeping my fingers crossed for an easy delivery for all involved.

--V said...

It's weird--just about every pregnant person I know of lately has had overdue babies. And a couple of times it wasn't their first child either--one woman was ready to deliver her fifth.

I wonder what that's about, or if it's just coincidence.

In any event, I too an thinking of you and hope everything goes smoothly. I'm sure it will.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I was just thinking about you today when I looked at the calendar. I can't wait to hear the big news -- surely it can't be long now. Everything sounds like it's all ready -- Good Luck to all three of you!

Isabelle said...

Well, this granny-to-be is now feeling that she wishes that he would hurry up and get himself born - mind you, preferably not in the current thunder and lightning!

Shauna said...

thinking of you K! so exciting! :)

persiflage said...

From far far away, I am eagerly awaiting good news and hope you have a nice quick and easy labour.

Andrew Jozz said...

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Ebonraven said...

Just checking because you've vanished... did you have a wee one yet?

Loth said...

Update required soon (not like you don't have any spare time or anything!! :-)