Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Busy busy busy

I have been grinding on with various useful tasks today, none of which were terribly exciting until the evening, when I went to B&Q to buy materials for a Mystery Piggy Project. The boy and I then did some sawing and sanding. Pictures when we finish!

(See what I do to try to induce some dramatic tension?)

Then we built the Billy Bookcase which has been languishing in our spare room for two weeks. It looks beautifully empty now, but I promise it won't stay like that.

Billy bookcase (and Billy Cow)

The books in the picture are not in any kind of arrangement - they were hanging about on the landing waiting to be reshelved. I keep all my fiction in alphabetical order, which may be a little mad as it means that if I buy a new book by Margaret Atwood, everything after "Atwood" has to be shuffled along. Still, I can always find everything.

Other things that happened today: some yarn arrived in the post and I spent some time admiring its beauty:


It's going to be stripy socks. I need to finish my current socks first, though!

And the Christmas Elf arrived. A little late - he should really have been here yesterday, but he's a busy elf. Every home should have one.

Christmas Elf

By the way, if you are currently elfless, my mother is having a giveaway at her blog which includes this elf's cousin, among other Christmassy prizes. The deadline is the 8th of December.

And now I must go to bed as it's midnight!

(In answer to questions in comments: they're silicone muffin cups, from our local budget supermarket - for some reason they do really nice cookware! And the potatoes are Pink Fir Apple and you don't need to peel them; they're the waxy type that are best boiled.)


Thimbleanna said...

Ahh, silicone - I thought they might be. They're very pretty - thank you for the answer. I can only imagine that it will be no time at all before you have your bookshelf filled up. And then, maybe you'd like to come and organize all of our books -- they're all on shelves, but no order, whatsoever!

Rachel said...

I store all my CDs and books in alphabetical order. I have a heap of new ones that need to be slotted in, which means moving everything along!

Isabelle said...

How about running a sweepstake on how long it takes for the new bookcase to be full...?

Mildawg said...

Yum Noro! And I love the bookcase and the elf :)

Thimbleanna said...

Dear're enjoying your work break too much and you've forgotten us -- just wanted you to know that you're being missed!

Anonymous said...