Thursday, December 20, 2007

Radio silence warning

Just a quick post to say that we're going to the in-laws' for Christmas, and I don't expect I'll be posting while I'm away (though you never know). I also have an end-of-module assignment for my course to write when I come back, so I definitely shouldn't be posting then...

A rundown:

J has put lots of pictures of our piggies up at this Flickr site. Cuteness abounds: comments welcome!


I have a rather anti-social cold/sore throat/cough. I am really disgusting. I feel my in-laws will recoil from me muttering "unclean!". Of course they're far too nice to do this really; also, their boy has it too.

Although I cycled about six miles (on two occasions twelve) every day from Wednesday until Monday, I managed to gain three pounds from somewhere. (And the body fat monitor on the scales doesn't think it's muscle). However, since I got the cold, I have not felt much like eating, and am hoping that they will be gone next time I weigh myself.

No, I haven't given up food altogether, but my throat is sore enough to rebel at the thought of eating anything vaguely cornery, acidic, or strongly flavoured. Which cuts out quite a lot of my normal diet. If only rice pudding was a health food, I'd be fine...

However, all my Christmas presents are wrapped.

And I'm going to have a hot bath to soothe my aches.

Happy Christmas, people!


Loth said...

Gorgeous pic, hope you feel better soon and have a great Christmas! (My in-laws are all coming to me so I get to stay home!)

Isabelle said...

Hope you're beginning to feel better!

Rosemary Grace said...

Those piggies are lucky, such luxurious accommodations!

Merry Christmas, I hope you have a good time doon south.

YP said...

extreme cuteness!!!

PastaQueen said...

Aw, all these guinea pig pics are reminding me of my old guinea pig. They are such sweet and cuddly little creatures. Good thing I don't have one now though, since my cat would probably kill it and drop it at my bedroom door as a gift.