Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to hurt yourself

Our green keyboard

On Monday, I cycled 7 miles (round-trip) over a fairly hilly route, accompanying J to see his doctor. This possibly wasn't the best route to choose for the first ride in several months, because as well as the seat-ache I was expecting, the backs of my thighs were seriously complaining yesterday. Which meant that I didn't do anything terribly strenuous.

I can't help feeling it would be better if muscles let you know when you were doing something that is going to hurt, rather than saving it up so that you can't move the next day.

I did clean the oven, though, which ought to burn lots of calories if there were any justice in life.

The big news of yesterday: J went to work. And didn't have to come home. (And he went back again today. This is real progress, although he's only there in the afternoons until he's feeling a bit stronger.)

In order to cement positive feelings of achievement and what-have-you, we had a healthy salad tea and then spent some time looking at kitten videos on Cute Overload. Exciting stuff like that.


Allen Gathman said...

Good for you. You'll be able to move again soon, and then you can get back on the bike. Eventually it'll get better.

Alisa said...

I find that if I overdo a muscle group, using it a little while it's stiff and tight helps loosen it the following day. A short, slow ride migt help you stretch your thighs out so they're not too bad tomorrow. (Might not help your bum though!)

And strenuous housework is excellent for the calorie burning, apparently :D

Padmini said...

Well done you for getting back into the swing of things, and hoorah for J getting back to work! Will be in touch with you soon about C of Sunshine, and hoping v much to see you both at the party!

Rosemary Grace said...

I sent you a link to a thing called the "Puppy Bowl" the animal planet channel puts it on as an alternative to the Superbowl, basically a bunch of very cute puppies playing in a mini football field. The halftime show was kittens. Much fluffy cuteness.

Isabelle said...

Hello - wow, two posts within a week. Hope Jon's blip was just that and he's better again tomorrow. Keep smiling!

BethK said...

Hey! Welcome back to posting. I'm glad that J's feeling better and here's to continued improvement...

In addition to Cute Overload, I also recommend The Daily Puppy for *way* too much puppy cuteness. Though, not as much fun as The Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday that Rosemary Grace is talking about.

I hear you on the pain. I'm glad I don't feel all the pain while I'm doing the exercise, because if I did, I'd never do it again.