Sunday, August 28, 2005

Square One goes photoblog

I love taking photos, but rarely have the time to do it. Last weekend was an exception, though.

My father combines a love of steam trains with a tendency to be very difficult to buy presents for. We never know what to get him for his birthday. This year, however, my sister had a brainwave: we would take him on the West Highland Railway to Mallaig. He'd get to go on a steam train, we would get to look at pretty scenery and bond, and it would probably be our last chance to take a trip as a family before I get married next spring (after which we probably will still take trips together, but the D. B. will come too).

It was an incredibly relaxing trip. The scenery was indeed very lovely, so I thought that since I have some photos worth showing for once, you might like to see some.

We set out from Edinburgh rather early and it wasn't until we caught the Fort William train at Glasgow that everyone was fully alert. However, from then on the view from the windows steadily got more and more impressive. Even the stations on that line are picturesque.

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