Saturday, April 02, 2005

Back into action

When I went to the gym last Monday, I weighed myself and found I was down five pounds. Woo hoo! I'm slightly suspicious of this - I mean, no movement for three weeks, then suddenly five pounds? Really? But I'm not knocking it.

I'll be frankly amazed if there is a loss this week, however, and I'll count myself lucky if there isn't a gain. I was on holiday from work, it being Easter and my d. b. being here, and while the week did contain quite a lot of walking, I only went to the gym once and the pub twice. This doesn't seem like the right way round. Chocolate was consumed, as was gooey lasagne, wine, and cake. Not all at once, I hasten to add, or at every meal. But in general, I didn't eat as healthily as I meant to.

The plan was to go on lots of hikes and bike rides in the lovely sunshine, but - alas - it was cold and wet most days. However, we managed a walk of some kind every day, and did go for a long country walk on Thursday. We were probably going for about three hours over fairly hilly country - it's hard to estimate our exact distance because we were partly on walking trails, partly roadway, and we retraced our steps a couple of times. But it all felt good.

As for what I did today - I'll tell you about that tomorrow...

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